Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ability Grouping in the Classroom

Writing my annotated bibliography influenced my research question in a lot of ways. I have found new terms that will help me to better understand the entire process of ability grouping. One of my sources introduces “flexible-grouping,” this term focuses on an achievement score and not on a “total score.” I found this source helpful because my question is targeted on students’ achievement in ability grouping. I also found information that offered additional ways to teach a class without ability grouping, by incorporating all the needs of my students.

To ability group or not to ability group? I think this is where the gap lies; there are those that oppose it and those that fully support it. I think answering my question will ultimately ease my mind about whether or not I will chose to ability group in my classroom or not. If I choose to do so, I think these sources will guide me to ability group in a proper way – paying attention to all the needs of my students.


At 1:24 PM, Blogger MandiC said...

your question, if i am reading it correctly may be similiar to what i wrote my first paper on. from what i gathered it is whether to group ability students meaning high level, average level, or lower level is that accurate? If so i wrote my paper on labeling and so i may be able to help you.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Claire Gibson said...

Sounds like a great topic but you seem to have more ideas on secondary reseach than your actual research. I think you have lots of options though and i'm sure you won't have touble exploring this issue in the classroom! Good Luck!


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